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Medipedia Overseas is best MBBS consultancy in Punjab

Welcome to MediPedia Overseas (Best MBBS consultancy in Punjab), an esteemed government-licensed entity dedicated to guiding passionate medical aspirants towards fulfilling their dreams of pursuing MBBS, MD, and various medical courses such as BAMS, B.VSc, BDS, and more. Since our establishment in 2008, we proudly position ourselves as leading consultancy for MBBS in India and abroad, with our headquarters situated in the vibrant city of Sangrur. Our proficient NEET counselors offer personalized guidance, ensuring the discovery of the most suitable academic options tailored to your budget.
Our team of expert NEET counselors provides personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you discover the best academic options that fit your budget. Embark on a transformative journey with our NEET UG Counseling Services, meticulously crafted to facilitate seamless MBBS admissions across borders. Whether it's in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Philippines or Canada, we extend our premium services not only to Punjab but also to regions like Haryana and Delhi

Best MBBS consultancy

MBBS in India

MBBS in India

If you're aspiring for MBBS admission in India, Medipedia is your trusted Best MBBS Consultant in Punjab. Achieving success in the NEET exam is paramount for securing admission in India. The process of obtaining admission through counseling is intricate, initiated by your NEET score. Gaining entry can be challenging due to limited available seats, but fret not – Mediapedia is here to skillfully navigate this process for you. We guarantee cost-effective MBBS admission in India based on your NEET score, without the need for donations. Even with a modest NEET score, Medipedia assists NEET-qualified students in securing optimal packages for MBBS admission in India. Our primary goal is to seamlessly secure your spot in top Indian colleges, and our dedicated team in Sangrur will guide you through this challenging path with utmost ease.

Secure your MBBS admission in India with 100% guarantee at NEET Qualified score through Medipedia, Uncover the promising opportunities provided by Medipedia, placing your trust in our expert guidance to propel you towards your educational goals in Sangrur.

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MediPedia Overseas excels in MBBS admissions guidance in Punjab and beyond, specializing in India and overseas destinations.

MBBS Admission in Punjab

Let MediPedia help you secure 100% guaranteed admission with your NEET Qualified score.

In Punjab, there are 4 government colleges offering MBBS programs, providing a total of 700 seats. Additionally, there are 7 private colleges offering MBBS programs, with a combined total of 950 seats. This distribution ensures a diverse range of options for aspiring medical students, catering to different preferences and circumstances.

While government colleges offer a certain number of seats, private colleges provide a larger number, accommodating a higher volume of students. However, both types of institutions play a crucial role in shaping the future of medical professionals in Punjab.

Medipedia serves as a valuable resource, guiding students through the complexities of the admissions process and helping them make informed choices. As the best MBBS consultant in Punjab, Medipedia offers personalized assistance. For aspiring MBBS students in Punjab, Medipedia stands out as the Best MBBS Consultant in Punjab.

Best MBBS Consultant in Punjab

Embark on your medical journey with us! We're the top MBBS consultant in Sangrur, guiding you for studies in India and abroad. Visit us at Opp Verka Booth, DC office road, Sangrur‐148 001 (Pb.) or call 99888-10118.
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